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Earlier this summer, universities from around the country were invited to nominate a current first-generation student to become a regular contributor to the "I'm First" blog. an initiative hosted online by the nonprofit organization, Strive For College. We nominated our own Yessica Flores and she was chosen to be one of the I'm First bloggers. Check back often for her insights about what it's like to be a first-generation college student.

Yessica explains in her own words why she wanted to be a blogger for this site.

What inspired me to blog

My newly developed sense of leadership is what has mainly inspired me to blog for Iā€™m First. I now feel like I truly can be a leader through the guidance I have been able to provide for my first-gen mentees and my advanced leadership course. I want to continue to build my leadership skills by guiding others. I thought that if by making an impact on a small group of first-generation students at VCU was rewarding, then why not continue to feel extra rewarded by sharing my experiences and guiding others who are on the same journey as I am on a more national level through this blog?

I have also been inspired by spending time with my 9-year-old sister. When I go home on the weekends, she asks me for help on doing homework, dealing with school friends and bullies, and then I realize that those were all things I could not ask an older sister as a child because I am the oldest child. Then, I began to think that one day she will be asking me for advice on to handle college and I thought this blogging experience would definitely come in handy for her once she begins her college journey.

Overall, my ambition to be the best leader I can be ā€” whether it is for other students across the nation or my little sister at home ā€”  is what drives me to blog.

About Yessica

Yessica Flores
Yessica Flores
I'm First blogger

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia; Salvadoran nationality

Programs of study: Psychology and sociology

Interests: Running, painting, photography, listening to TED Talks, listening to educational podcasts, peer mentoring, blogging